About the Network

The Efficiency Cities Network (ECN) is an informal policy learning network of government staff, researchers and technical assistance providers, and NGOs currently active in or committed to making scaled efforts at high-road (i.e., concerned with equity and democracy, not just sustainability) energy retrofits (seeking increased energy efficiency, conservation, and clean generation) of urban building stock.

The Efficiency Cities Network is hosted by COWS.

Network Membership

ECN is not a network to persuade ourselves or others of the merit of such retrofit work, but to get better at doing it right, where “right” means achieving maximum feasible:

  1. cost-effective energy savings and clean generation
  2. positive spillovers to other areas of environmental concern
  3. generation, local capture, and equitable distribution of resulting power, wealth, health, income, employment, and other opportunities
  4. attraction of private as well as public capital
  5. efficient and accountable government and democratic popular organization in achieving the above

Anyone who wants to learn from or contribute to discussion about how to do that is welcome.

Network Activities

The precise content of ECN’s activity is driven by participants, but includes:

  1. regular mutual updates on work, problems, new resources, etc.
  2. sharing and archiving materials of interest (e.g., technical analyses, policy scans, model legislative language, occassional issue briefings, good videos, etc.)
  3. teleconferences and webinars on issues of common interest or concern

Network Culture

We intend ECN as a public good – feeding into, complementing, and strictly noncompetitive with related efforts in this general space. We are forming and staffing ECN for the sole and exclusive purpose of improving our collective practice by more rapid learning during a period of exceptional interest and new capacity (ARRA, etc.) for this work.

Joining the Network

If you are interested in joining ECN, complete the membership survey.