PACE Resources

Guidance and Responses:

  1. FHFA letter of concern 6/18/2009
  2. PACE community response 7/30/2009
  3. Senate response 8/3/2009
  4. Senators letter to Obama 11/10/2009
  5. Fannie Mae lender letter 5/5/2010
  6. DOE Guidelines for pilot PACE programs 5/7/2010
  7. PACE community letter to Dodd/Frank 6/10/2010
  8. Senators letter to Dodd 6/16/2010
  9. Governor Lingle Letter 6/29/2010
  10. Schumer’s letter 6/30/2010
  11. Frank/Waxman letter 7/2/2010
  12. FHFA Statement 7/6/2010
  13. Senator Boxer Letter to FHFA 7/8/2010


August 2010: PACE Status Update, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Media Coverage:

Grist, August 5, 2010: Why won’t Team Obama save a clean-energy program from Fannie and Freddie?

Grist, July 30, 2010: California pulls home-energy stimulus funding in PACE dispute

NPR, July 29, 2010: Outlook dims for popular energy efficiency loans

Grist, July 27, 2010: Energy bill could save PACE clean-energy program—if a Republican will help

Grist, July 22, 2010: Senate PACE bill adds to pressure to restore clean-energy program

Grist, July 12, 2010: Energy efficiency helps homeowners avoid foreclosure

Washington Post, July 4, 2010: Green initiative’s future murky as regulators weigh risks to homeowners

Grist, July 3, 2010: Obama admin unable to resolve shutdown of PACE clean-energy program

NY Times, July 3, 2010: Giants Opt to Block Energy Programs

Reuters, July 2, 2010: Lawmakers urge guidance for clean energy loans

NY Times, June 30, 2010: Loan Giants Threaten Energy-Efficiency Programs

Press Releases:

July 27, 2010: Sonoma County Files Suit In Federal Court To Save Innovative Energy Program

July 15, 2010: Babylon to File Suit Against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

July 7, 2010: ICLEI USA on FHFA Announcement Regarding PACE: “The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home”

July 6, 2010: Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement in Response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Decision on the Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing Program